Camping Mid-summer Weekend 2002 Directions
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How to get there!! If you are coming from Green Bay follow the Green Path!

I have marked a yellow path if you are coming from Appleton. This way would be shorter but it is on smaller roads. It's your choice!

From Green Bay take 41 north , then follow 141 north !

Shortly after Pound you will take Hwy 64 west.
(Carefull this turn is near a bend in 141!)

About 15 mins down Hwy 64 you will find Old 64
(There is a small farm with 2 dark blue silo's near this)

Make sure you stay on Old 64 until you get to W. Shay Lake Ln.
We will put up something colorful to mark the driveway.
If you are early make sure you park so others can get in!

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